Abel Kain calls gory ‘Devil’s Guide’ a ‘look in the mirror’

Abel Kain’s latest print release THE DEVIL’S GUIDE TO BECOMING A BILLIONAIRE: IN GOD WE TRUST EDITION is now available on Amazon.

A demon that lives in a delivery driver’s ear teaches us how he takes normal people – and turns them into “the elite”. A satirical and gory horror novella exploring greed, want, and modern “self-help” culture, THE DEVIL’S GUIDE TO BECOMING A BILLIONAIRE is an absolute must for discerning readers that want to explore contemporary ethics of trading life for money, philosophies of wealth, and the promise of upward economic mobility.

A short, but powerful novella that could take you less than a day to read.
But could change how you see the world for a lifetime

Horror fans can preview the book’s interior, listen to the theme music composed by Abel Kain and purchase the book through the AKP shop:

I think this book is an important read for anyone living in the modern world.” author Abel Kain said in a press release. “I don’t want to overstate its importance… It doesn’t provide any answers (and it shouldn’t). But I think it poses salient questions that more of us should be asking. Questions that go beyond constructs like capitalism, communism, or any of the other ‘isms’ we’ve used to label and distance ourselves from our own perverse and greedy natures. This horror story is us. It’s a satirical look in the mirror.”

2024 is slated for many other Abel Kain releases, including the extreme and erotic horror exploration I AM A PORNO ADDICT, AMA – expected around Valentine’s Day.

More announcements for new books, shorts, music releases, and feature films to follow throughout the year.

Abel Kain is an underground author, composer, and filmmaker. Informed by his experiences as a homeless teenager, porn cameraman in the early 2000’s, and behind-the-scenes participation in business, entertainment, and advertising – Abel focuses on characters, stories, and situations that lie outside the norm. Often resulting in works that some might label as “extreme”. Requests for interviews or any other type of collaboration with Abel Kain and Abel Kain Productions can be sent through the official website. Subscribe to the newsletter for updates.

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