embrace your individuality

Abel Kain specializes in turning what makes you different into your greatest strength.

Unleash Your Unique Self

Not Fitting In — Is Your Gift

In a world that often prizes conformity, Abel Kain stands as a beacon for the extraordinary, the outsiders, the rebels. Here, the unconventional is celebrated, creativity knows no bounds, and every journey to personal and professional success is as unique as you are.

Growth for Unconventional Small Businesses

There are 3 major elements to running any successful business: The time you spend, the money you spend, and the money you make.  Abel Kain can help you optimize all three. Here’s how…

save more time

Abel Kain is a CompTIA Project+ Certified Project Manager with experience building and implementing time-saving systems for a multitude of use cases.

Waste Less Money

Cutting unnecessary costs without sacrificing quality is a crucial business skill that AK first picked up as the owner of a bar & restaurant in downtown Atlanta.

earn more revenue

After earning a Certificate of Completion in Marketing Strategy from Cornell University, AK went on to raise biz revenue by six figures Y-O-Y for 2 years in a row.

A Place for Outsiders to thrive

There’s a lot more to success than business. As an outsider, work & life itself can be even more challenging than it is for people in the mainstream. Abel is passionate about promoting personal development & care.

Build Resilience

Resilience was key to surviving more than a year of homelessness on the city streets as an underage runaway. Get tips to bear trauma & hardship.

Grow As A Person

From homeless high school dropout to successful business owner with credentials from Cornell, Duke, and UGA. Learn to set goals that push your limits.

Get Sh*t Done

Fear and procrastination lurk around every corner to stop your progress with setbacks, negative self-talk, and haters. Master pushing through that doubt!

Original Theme Music & Soundtracks

Unique theme music for independent film, video games, podcasts, and more. Make a custom order, or buy rights to an existing track from the shop.

Here are a few samples:

original Art & Animation For Your Project

Help your ad or other project stand out from the competition with an original animation made to match your brand. Click on the image below to view the latest.

Celebrate What Makes You Unique

Your value doesn’t depend on what other people think of you. The mission behind Abel Kain is to provide the resources for outsiders and all types of misfit to live a happy and productive life — even if we’re stuck in a conformist world.


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