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Royalty-Free Horror Music for Podcasts, Promos, Book Trailers, Films, Shorts & More!

The Future of Horror Is Independent

Add Atmosphere & Depth To Your Projects With Lifetime Music Rights

Easy. Buy a license to use music on as many of your projects as you like — as long as you are the producer or editor.

What can akp music help with?

Make your horror-themed projects more memorable and impactful with AKP Music!

Original Music

Royalty-Free horror-and-cult-movie-inspired synth music for your promos, podcasts, and film projects.

Podcasts & shorts

Add depth and mood to your projects with unique, original tracks made just for cult & horror fanatics.

book trailers & themes

Add hype to your book trailers and promos with cinematic cult & horror scores and theme music.

I also dabble in writing fiction and filmmaking, so I understand the passion, time, effort, and other resources that go into bringing these projects to life. That’s why I pour everything I can into every track.

Journey with Us

Be a part of the evolution as I attempt to take this husband-and-wife project toward the lofty goal of someday becoming a financially successful independent horror & cult film studio.


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