Black Mass Boiler Room started out as an attempt to channel the spirit of angsty and gloomy albums from the early 90’s like Type O Negative’s “Bloody Kisses”, Acid Bath’s “When the Kite String Pops”, and Cradle of Filth’s “The Principle of Evil Made Flesh” (among others) — while still exploring and developing its own sound. THREE SONGS is the culmination of that first effort. Working on a new release for 2024.

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We’re holy and we’re naked
The ground that we walk on is sacred
It’s the ocean, it’s all broken
The water has dried and the gods have all spoken
They hate us, masturbate us
while they turn us all out for playing the sadist
When you touch me it’s like milk… It’s like milk… It’s like milk…

In the time it takes this feather to fall to the ground
Its position has already been decided

It’s blinding, I’m finding blood is not my only enemy
If the towers fall again, the floods will bring us peace

Before you take my head, sit and eat with me
Enjoy Armageddon and her sweet release

And turn the light off
Because it burns
We’ve got so much to teach you

Just touch it. Use your finger.
Now hold it.

The view from this room is causing so much pain it’s deafening
If I ever sleep again, the walls will surely fall

And if they gave us life
It’s theirs to take away
Every generation
Another’s enemy

Let’s eat this pig before you fuck me.
A dollar is all that’s all.

You punish me

She likes poison because it makes her weak (I’d die)
Another drop of blood could put us all to sleep

Just hold me in your arms
and cut me like you love me

In the orchards there is whispering
But this rose bush, There’s this rose bush
I’m sinking. God, I’m sinking.

Just hold me in your arms
and cut me like you love me

There is a reason that we come together
But it’s still beneath me

Push Pull Push

There is a white light in the bathroom
But there’s a junkie blocking the view

Push Pull Push

Blood red rose petals fall out of my hands and into the waters on which I stand
Softly smiling I close my eyes, tilt my head back and watch it die
Drowning in liquids that I drink, the thing in me that makes me weak
Open wounds where your lips were, I embrace the ugly I live for.

Preaching to an empty room
One’s eyes can be deceiving
Between your legs is an open wound
Use your fingers to stop the bleeding

Look deep within and you will find
I’ve been inside you all this time

Everyone that you know
Has used you up until the last drop
After a while, the motions get old
But your not sure if you can make it stop

It’s Murder

Tell me when did your insides dry up?
And where did you hide your eggs?
She only likes it when she’s tied up
Love child with spider legs


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